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Awesome Mums - Mother's group Info

This page is a collection of information based on discussions from the Awesome Mums virtual mothers group. Even if you have not been part of this group, you are more than welcome to have a look through and see if there are resources that might interest you. Tamara from Tresillian talked about Zero to Three  Sleep (adult sleep) discussion on SBS 
Milk Ladder with Mignon's note

Black Dog – Ideas for talking with children about Covid 19.

Red Cross – tips for how to look after your mental health.

Beyond Blue have an online Forum for people worried about Covid 19.

Sane Australia campaign titled #inthistogether and  video.

Videos (who has time to read!)

If you are wondering about why on earth mindfulness is so important have a look at this one:

If you are ready to try a short meditation, you could try this one that we discussed:

Why is vulnerability a good thing? A great Ted talk by Brene Brown:

I have low self worth or I'm interested in self compassion:

What actually have you been doing all day? My partner thinks I should have time for chores!

FACE COVID coping video:

Behind the Mask. Stories of parents struggles with parenthood.

Five steps for brain building with your child:

For a laugh:

Useful Apps


Mind the Bump

What were we thinking

Carddecks (for relationships)

Smiling Mind (Meditation)

Paced Breathing

Virtual Hope Box

Child 360


Any more suggestions Awesome Mums? Send me an email, I will add them.