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Videos (who has time to read!)

If you are wondering about why on earth mindfulness is so important have a look at this one:

Why is vulnerability a good thing? A great Ted talk by Brene Brown:

I have low self worth or I'm interested in self compassion:

Neuroplasticity - Change is always possible

Coping with uncertainty? Try this short meditation:

Who gives an f*! - Need to say no more often? Set boundaries?

The Magic art of not giving a f***


Trauma and the nervous system

Prince Harry on EMDR

Brief EMDR Overview

A bit about what is going on with the amygdala during EMDR (this one is a bit more technical) 




Ask me about more Gottman's resources! 

Find out your top character strengths!


The reality of postnatal Depression


Good Enough Parenting

What actually have you been doing all day? My partner thinks I should have time for chores!

Behind the Mask. Stories of parents struggles with parenthood.

Circe of Security Shark Music - Parenting triggers

5 Minute playtime

Five steps for brain building with your child:

For a laugh (for the mums):

Some of my favourite apps (you will have to search for them in your app search tool):


Mind Mum (more for coping with motherhood)

Mind the Bump (more for meditation during pregnancy and postnatal)

What were we thinking (for parents)

Child 360 (child development, Australian and evidence based) 

She Births (helpful evidence based birthing info)

Carddecks (for relationships)

Sleep Well Baby (Australian and evidence based)

Virtual Hope Box 
Beyond Now

Paced Breathing (simple breathing app)

Happify (ways to feel happy)

Reach Out Worry Time (for the worriers out there)
Sleep Restore
My Quit Buddy (quit smoking)

EMDR based  (highly recommend for anyone wanting to try EMDR, developed by Australian psychologist Mark Grant)
Sleep Restore
Anxiety Release 
Calm and Confident
Overcoming Pain 

Smiling Mind 
Insight Timer