Lucy Frankham Psychology 

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Video Counselling


Counselling via video link is now available for perinatal (pre and postnatal) mental health concerns (any time from pregnancy, birth and in the first 12 months of motherhood). 

If you need help and support with depressed mood, anxiety, coping around sleep or feeding issues, birth trauma, postnatal rage, postnatal OCD, relationship concerns, attachment/bonding concerns or anything else motherhood related and it is too hard to even get to the shower, you live too far away, you don't have access to childcare or whatever it is that is getting in the way of accessing the support you need - skype sessions from the comfort of your home might just what you need.

Fees and referrals

If you are in the North Coast Primary Health Network, you may be eligible for free sessions under the Healthy Minds program - just ask me, your child and family nurse or GP. You will need a referral from your nurse or GP for this program.

If you are in a rural/regional area (anywhere in Australia), you may be eligible for a medicare rebate if you are in an eligible area. Check your address here You will require a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP or referral from a psychiatrist for medicare rebates. 

If neither of these apply to you, you may still receive a rebate from your Health Fund (if you have one) or you have the option of paying privately. 

Fees are $190 per 50 minute session. Medicare rebates are $126.50 (if eligible), health fund rebates vary and Healthy Minds sessions are free. All fees must be paid in advance for video sessions.